Buyer Services

Are you a first time buyer?
Are you a seasoned investor?
Are you a developer?
Are you a farmer?
Are you looking for a condo, townhome AKA “Strata” or single family home?
Are you looking for acreage?
Are you looking for something commercial or industrial?


Most real estate teams cannot offer you what we can! We have a comprehensive guide for first time home buyers that can be accessed for FREE below.

With our own ventures into owning rental properties, developing properties, owning a vineyard and multiple strata title properties, we literally practice what we preach.

The Summit Real Estate Team can show you the way to your very own Mountain top!

Everybody is different and has different goals. We will help you reach yours and show you what is possible. 90% of setting up your strategy to the top of the mountain comes down to planning.

Your first purchase needs to be made correctly in order for us to help you reach 5, 10, 15 and 20 year goals.

The plan is everything! Reaching the top of your mountain takes careful planning, the right tools and the right supports.

Start with us from day 1 and your peak will be higher than you ever imagined.